Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Football Proves

that socialism doesn't actually hold down the best and the brightest. Despite a salary cap (which has the effect of leveling the starting point of most NFL teams), the truly talented workers within the system are able to demonstrate their competence (Belichik, Parcells), while the incompetents (Millen, Savage) still fail.


  1. You dirty communist. You don't taken into account secondary markets. Successful players get to be in commercials, sell Wheaties, get paid to give inane commentary on future games. I would imagine most athletes make the majority of their money outside their official salary. (Guess who this)

  2. 1. no salary cap for management. thus, doing well gets you perks and failing gets you fired. people generally like perks... especially nfl management perks.

    2. no guaranteed contracts. while you can take the money from the contract you just signed, if you become accustomed to living at a standard-of-living that is only supported by nfl contract, then there is a strong incentive to keep doing well or have that standard-of-living taken away from you. like coaches, players like the perks, and again provides an incentive to perform.

    if you are looking for evidence that socialism does not hold down the best and brightest, look at an elementary school playground and watch kids play tetherball or 4-square. they aren't getting paid but play for the love of the game.